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Insist on a worry-free Quality of Life and Respect for the Environment

Because you have every reason to expect more, ROTH is an innovator who always goes above and beyond.

More for the environment:
Avoid oil spills and leaks caused by faulty pipes, couplings, or fittings, which are located underneath the tank. *

ROTH double wall tanks are designed to offer the highest level of environmental protection. The inner portion of every ROTH tank is made of blow-molded, seamless high density polyethylene, and absolutely leak-proof and corrosion resistant. In addition, ROTH tanks feature top connections to insure the oil stays where it should.

The outer tank is made of galvanized steel that is also leak-proof and corrosion-resistant, and can contain 110% of the capacity of the inner tank for maximum protection.

More for your safety:
Minimize the potential danger of oil spills and leaks caused by corrosion. *

ROTH tanks are completely rust-free, inside and out. The outer tank is made of galvanized steel, roll-seamed (no welds) with an oil and fire resistant seal, making it one of the safest and most reliable tanks on the market. ROTH uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure maximum storage safety, and minimum space requirements.

More quality:
Forget about the problems of oil odors and oil leaks. *

At ROTH, we refuse to compromise on materials or construction. Roth tanks meet the strictest European safety standards and the most recent industry safety regulations. Quality control of our finished product is carried out according to ISO 9001 standards, ensuring consistently superior quality. Each tank undergoes thorough testing, including ultrasound tests to ensure optimal thickness of the plastic, and pressure testing to ensure that the tanks is sealed completely. Roth tanks can be used for heating oil or diesel fuel.

More than 3 million tanks have been installed.
No more purchasing a new tank every 10 years: *

Since 1971, more than 3 million ROTH tanks have been installed in Europe and North America. ROTH tanks last longer than ever before due to the outstanding quality and unbeatable warranty. That is why ROTH tanks enjoy such an enviable reputation.

More guarantees. *
No more worries-once and for all. *

ROTH tanks are so reliable that we offer a lifetime protection against corrosion (inner tank), plus a limited 10-year warranty against leakage.
* See details in warranty certificate

No other tank offers all of these feature:

  1. Weld-free galvanized steel outer tank capable of holding 110% of
    the primary tank

  2. Seamless high-density polyethylene
    inner tank

  3. Highly visible optical leak alarm

  4. 55% lighter than a 12-gauge steel tank with a larger storage capacity.

  5. Corrosion resistant steel filling system with external 2" thread, allowing for an even level in each tank when installed
    in groups

  6. Burner feeding system consisting of a fusible link valve and check valve incorporated with supply and return port when using the optional Roth suction assembly.

  7. Cover for outside use

Installation of tanks is faster and easier than ever.

  • Lighter: the DWT 1000 L is 55% lighter than a conventional metal tank

  • Wide handles on each end to facilitate transport and handling

  • Removable base facilitates access in tight spaces and offers greater stability for the tank

  • Compact design for economy of space (8 sq. ft. for 1000 L)

  • The only tanks on the market with no fittings below the oil line

  • Unique expansion system ensures increased storage capacity and faster, easier fill-ups

  • Completely sealed, every one of our tanks is pressure tested and meets ISO 9001 quality control standards

* Subject to limitations and conditions described in the guarantee certificate, available upon request.

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